You love the idea of providing compassionate care for your patients and seeing your organization thrive. But how do you maintain a happy and clinically excellent staff that helps you manifest organizational goals without working all the time? It begins with building a culture of collaboration and communication where everyone feels heard and can’t wait to get to work each day.

You’re putting out fires and working miracles every day despite an overwhelmed team. But are you becoming just as burned out as your staff?

Do you stay awake nights worrying about things like this?

  • Staff turnover.
  • Negative and gossiping team members.
  • Long hours trying to complete an excessive workload.
  • Meeting critical organization goals.
  • Higher standards of care for patients.
  • Whether your leadership skills are good enough.

You’re not alone.

Most nurse leaders struggle just to manage day to day patient care much less focus on organizational goals. Keeping it together is a heroic task. And stress is off the charts when your team is teetering on mutiny and your family life is suffering.

It can make you feel powerless.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can turn it around and have an AMAZING TEAM that consistently produces great results.

Imagine a cohesive team that:

Feels heard and respected – no more negativity.
Is inspired to put patients first and work towards common goals.
Thrives even when you’re not there.
There are 5 strategies to transform you into an inspired leader with an Amazing Team:

The Amazing Team Builder


1. Create a Culture of Open Communication and Contribution

  • We’ll strategize an environment where nurses feel heard and part of a common goal.
  • You’ll learn how to stop gossip and negativity on your team while promoting idea exchange.
  • You’ll come away with a culture that inspires buy-in and mastery from your staff.

2. Focus Team Members into Positions of Strength

  • We’ll assess if your people are in the right positions for the overall success of your team.
  • You’ll learn how to manage even difficult team members so everyone achieves excellence in organizational goals.
  • You’ll come away knowing what makes your amazing team tick and how to inspire them to enjoy their work and care for patients.

3. Develop a Thick Skin and a Fighting Spirit

  • We’ll look closely at your strengths and help you advocate for your values with whole hearted courage.
  • You’ll learn to reframe negative self-talk and fear of rejection into bulletproof confidence in your communication and delivery.
  • You’ll come away feeling strong, passionate and ready to make a difference!

4. Become an Influential Change Agent

  • We’ll identify ways to understand the political landscape you face and establish key strategies to lead with ease and grace.
  • You’ll tap into your intuitive ability to read people and situations accurately while encouraging growth.
  • You’ll come away with a natural ability to manage up to supervisors and inspire positive change in your people and patients.

5. Round Out Your Whole Care Team

  • We’ll look closely at all members of your healthcare team — from physicians to techs to family — and form a plan to get them moving in the same powerful direction.
  • You’ll learn how to effectively coach, teach and mentor each person from where they are now to where they need to be.
  • You’ll come away with a cohesive team that works together to meet both the patient’s needs and organizational goals, even when you’re not there.


Find out how to develop a cohesive team that puts patients first and flows efficiently even when you’re not there!


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