Is The Nurse In You On Life Support?


Are not sure of your nursing career?
Do you dread going to work?
Are you unsure of how long you can handle the challenges of being a nurse?
Do you need career and emotional CPR?
Do you need to make a change and need some help?
Are you looking to grow and change in your nursing career?
Do you want to tap into your passion and drive?
Do you need help and just don’t know where to start?

I’m happy to tell you that you’re not alone. There are so many challenges facing nurses today.  Stress and being burnt out is consuming nurses more and more and not much has been done to change this.  Nursing leaders are faced with the same challenges and find it difficult to offer the support that’s needed.

The important question we must ask is who is taking care of and supporting the nurses?

Here are some options for change:

– Try another area of nursing
– Get an advance degree
– Cut hours
– Power through the challenges until retirement.

I’m sure you have thought about these options as well as others.  Maybe you dreamed of working in a garden, creating music or making coffee in a café, but you still want to make the same money as a nurse and therefor reality hits.

Here are some key questions to ponder and get you unstuck.

  • Be Honest With Yourself- How are you feeling?  What is the truth?  Asking yourself these questions will help you find out what you truly want.  Do you need a change?  Be honest.  The truth will set you free!
  • Why did you become a nurse?  Tap into those feeling you had when you first became a nurse.  Did you want to help others? Was this a flexible career for you?
  • What are your options?  This gets you thinking the solutions or options you have. You can check out other areas of nursing. Change your attitude in your current role. Look to do something totally different
  • What are you willing and able to do to get the results you want?  Asking yourself this will help you get to the core of your wants and needs.

Perhaps being your own boss and creating the lifestyle you would like helping others can be a solution for you.  I can help you learn how to create that career with flexibility, meaning and exceeding your income potential. Contact me for more information on how you can being your journey to having the career and life you want.

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