What I do as a Health Coach

As a nurse, I constantly see how not taking care of ourselves can affect the quality of our lives. I saw real time the end result of not caring for our health. The pain and suffering of the obesity related diseases profoundly affected me. I was frustrated working in the world of “SICK CARE” and wanted to focus on “WELL CARE.”
In the past, I have always had fluctuations in my weight and struggled with cravings. I had to employ extreme measures to manage my weight and health. I started working with a health coach and was AMAZED that I had more energy and mental clarity. In the first week, I was lighter and less bloated and I lost weight without dong anything extreme. It was so easy, I found I had more time in my day when I didn’t have to spend hours prepping. My health coach helped me stay focused on my health habits.
I’m excited to be able to share the same help, hope and health I’m finding with others by…
Helping them make a few simple changes that get their body into a peak state where they start to look and feel amazing. They begin notice how great they feel in their body, they lighter and experience mental clarity. As they have this experience they develop habits of health that allow them to sustain it long term.

Have you tried everything to improve your health? Are you tired of “Yo-Yo” diets that leave you frustrated and no results?
I help others achieve optimal health though a comprehensive system that provides long term results and helps establish sustainable habits of health.

Where are you on the path of “Optimal Health”??


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Todd Angelucci

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