Want to explore your optimal health?


Nurse Turned Health and Transformation Coach with a Flare for Business Consulting.

With over 20 years as an RN, my vast clinical roles combined with sales, marketing business experience has provided me with a unique skill set. These skill sets have synergized with my passion to help others, in a few different ways.

As Health Coach:

I help people look and feel amazing by making a few simple changes. What I really do is guide clients from where you are currently, and through 2-3 simple changes, get their body in a peak state where they look and feel amazing. They notice how great they feel in their skin and are surprised at how good they look and feel in a short time. As they have this experience they develop habits that allow them to sustain it long term.

Nurses and Health Professionals:

Do you dread going to work and facing the stress and overwhelm in healthcare?

I offer a way out of the stress and overwhelm imposed by the challenges of healthcare. I help nurses create a high level of income and provide a much needed career of freedom, flexibility and empowerment. More importantly they are truly helping others in a way that aligns with their nursing values.

Nurse Leaders:

Are you just a frustrated as the team you lead? Do you need help being a better leader?

I coach nurse leaders to help their team function better so they can take a breath. I have seen the effects of poor leadership at ALL levels in healthcare. I have also seen and experienced what great leaders have done to succeed.

Business Consultant:

Is your business stuck? Are you not sure you are on the path of growth?

I have a knack at helping healthcare or wellness related companies get their business moving in the right direction by using simple strategies. I have helped start-ups and thriving businesses make simple clear movements that produce results.


A Targeted Succession Plan Brings You Work/Life Balance

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Do Some Nurses Scare You?

Have you ever been in a situation when you were saying to yourself, “That nurse scares me?”  And it was not because of their scary Halloween costume. Can you recall a time when you followed a nurse or reviewed some charting that prompted you to question their critical...

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What Are Your Nurses Doing When No One Is Looking?

Do you know what your nurses are doing when no one is around? Nurses are always asked to do more with less. During the course of their day, they are tirelessly caring for patients, while trying to meet the demands of leadership and healthcare.  Nurses are pressured to...

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